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Paleolithic Cup marking on Rock Surfaces in Kerala suvarna nalapat
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Discovery of Paleolithic Cup Marking on Rock surfaces in Kerala

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Annual Meeting




Lamplighting  swami Sunildas &advisory Board members    swami sunildas chairman of Sneham Charitable Trust Muthalamada    Inaugural speech  by  Therambil Ramakrishnan MLA Thrissur     Presidential Address. Thiruvithamkore Devaswam Board special commissioner Venugopal P .(IAS .)   C Radhakrishnan   Concluding part of C Radhakrishnan’s speech. C Radhakrishnan and Mrs Valsala Radhakrishnan honouring Dr Suvarna Nalapat    Retd Justice C S Rajan    Asha Menon , Literary Critic   Sreekumari Ramachandran( short story writer )   Prof G  Bhuvaneswari ,receiving the felicitation speaks a few words of gratitude.   Ragam CHALANATTA Dr G BHUVANESWARI sings    Mookambika navavarana   Thrikkoor Temple

Dr.Suvarna Nalapat Trust.
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Free online classes Pathology including, Project at Amritha Institute and Faculty Training Inauguration of Music Therapy at Calicut University

History of India. Inscriptions. 10 volumes uploaded in Archives by Dr Suvarna Nalapat Trust.

History of India. Inscriptions. 10 volumes uploaded in Archives by Dr Suvarna Nalapat Trust.

A few books are uploaded at this site . As a part of Sankarajayanthi and our Trust's 8th annual function.

Sankarajayanthi and Annual day of Dr Suvarna Nalapat Trust (8th year)was celebrated by an online meeting since the lockdown. The era of Sankaracharya and the dispute over it is here uploaded.

Silence of Buddha

Buddhist concept of pain desire, and pain relief

Vamakeswari Matham

Kadavllur Temple

Perar Periyar civilization .Thali temples of Kerala

Temples of Trichur district Peruvanam

Brief history of kerala based on Vannery Kochi dynasty

Palghat and Thrissur Introductory part Temple history

Krishnabhakthi valsalyabhavam

Historical geography, ecology and environement- India

Ecological history of India after Alexanders time

Temples of Palghat 34 Tholanur Ammathiruvadi

Palghat 30 Nenmara Vallangi Elavanchery

Palghat 28 Chittur Bhagavathi

Perumudiyur Nethrimangalam Engayur Eehaprueswari Palghat 9

Thirumittakkod Palghat 6

Temples of Palghat 5 kalladathur

Panniyur , Malamalkav, Kothalil Vamana

Antiquity of temples Palghat district

Temples of Palghat Historical 2.

Temples of Palghat District. Historical aspects

Temples of Wynad 2 Thrissileri

Temples of Wynad district 1 Thirunelli

Temples of Kannur district 14

Temples of Kannur district Thiruvangad

Temples of Kannur 12 Kottiyur

Temples of Kannur District 11 Peralassery

Temples of Kannur 10 kadalayi

Temples of Kannur 9 Vateswaram and Kalarivathukkal

Temples of Kannur district Madayi and Cherukunnu

Temples of Kannur district 7

Temples of Kannur district 6

Kannur district temples 5

Temples of Kannur district 4

Science of Philosophy in India

Evolution of languages

Evolution of languages

Triremes of Phoenicians and Thriratha of Veda. Seatravels of humanity

Boatbuilding,Phoenicians and Blavatsky

Monsoon clock and economy of ancient India

Route from Kekaya to Ayodhya

Ancient landroutes of India

Indian civilization from Mehgarh times

Corridors of time.Indian astronomy and mathematics

Temples of Kannur district 3

Temples of Kannur district 2

Indian astronomy .Its antiquity

Dreams -Illusions or reality ?

Temples of Kannur district 1


Corridors of time preface

Sree Sankara Uty National Seminar 2014

150th centenery Vivekananda samapana sammelanam at Kalady Advaithasramam 5.2.2014

Independence Day 2013 .Thrissur Town Hall .Speech as Chief Guest.

Dr Nalapat’s speech at Manipal University Indian culture and healthcare:

Dr S Nalapat’s speech at M G University Kottayam

Release of Sudhasindhu (12 Upanishads Bhashyam) 2013 May 18.K J Yesudas at Amritha Institute of Medical sciences:

Communicating science through Music. Kottarakkara

National Conference Bombay University :Science and spirituality in an age of Technology.

Thriprayar temple with statue of Alexander

International seminar Vaidyagramam Ragachikitsa part 1

Interview by Nil van Otterloo Episode 1 .Alzheimers dementia and music therapy :-

Maria Montserrat Gimeno Interview part 1

srisankara uty and deemed sanskrit uty lecture series Relevance of Advaitha in modern times 4.8.2017

Guruvayur devaswom Daivajnasamgamam National seminar . 5.8.2017

Ranganathandasmrithi 28.12.2017 Sree Ramakrishna Ashram Trichur

Vaidikavicharasadas Vedabharathy Puraskaram

Interview Srividya upasana 1

status of India in Indian Philosophy (Seminar Indian council of philosophy)


Key note address Vedarthanavaham Thekke madhom Thrichur.

Nalapat Memorial speech part 1 Theosophical society of India

Deviprasadam Trust Olappamannamana Speech by chief guest

പണ്ഡിതരത്നം പുരസ്കാരം നാഷണല്‍ ശ്രീവിദ്യാ കോണ്‍ഫറന്‍സ്

Dr Suvarna Nalapat at International school of Sreesankara studies.

On 11.5.2016 on the occasion of the 4th annual meet of the trust three books were released. 1. Krishnarpanam Sapthathismaranika 2.Suvarnasapthathi - samkhyakarika of Kalidasa 3. Nalapatinte charithram through Vannerinad. Asha Menon spoke , releasing the Malayalam Version of Suvarnasapthathi of Kalidasa (by Suvarna Nalapat)

4th annual meet of the Trust ,Sreesankarajayanthi and the 70th birthday of the Founder President celebrated on 11.5.2016. The subject for discussion was "BhajaGovindam" of Adisankara.

New Book on Astrophysics (Comparision of East and west). Prakasasindhu

Third Annual Meet, Souhrida Sangama & Celebration of Sri Sankara Jayanthi at 25th April 2015. Venue: Indraprastham Hall, Guruvayoor Mammiyoor junction @ 9 am

Dr Suvarna Nalapat Trust has discovered evidence of Cupolas in Muthalamada,Palghat District , which is evidence for occupation of the area even before last ice age. The oldest Cupolas in the world are in central India (Bimbekta caves) and the connection of people of central India and Western Ghats in the time of Gondwanaland ,is now proved to be true.



Valabhi and Nalanda Universities: Ancient Educational system in India


Reading excerpts from Patheyam , a spiritual autobiography. Journey as a metaphar is used here in Yogasadhana.It is represented in 4 planes.

Suvarnasapthathi A book on Kanaada Viaseshikam and Saamkhyam of Kapilamuni

comparison of Nalapat notebook and Ramanujam notebook

Vyasa commented upon Yoga of Hiranyagarbha in BC 3200-3100 period. Pathanjali did the same in BC 500.Vachaspathimisra has done a beautiful study and commentary of Vyasabhashya. Here is a dialogue between the three , and the author (suvarna) from modern times on Yogasasthra.

Krishna is a still living presence in Indian psyche.Some evidences for the existence of his port city are given in this presentaion

Stories from Bhagavatha ,epic of Vedavyasa

Agricultural project in Kerala based on Kol Puncha fields .A 600 page book which analyses the agricultural history of prevedic,vedic,Indus valley Harappan,historic ( Budhist and Guptha period and sangam) and pre-British ,British India and the modern India and suggests solutions for some problems

Melakartha Raga Vaghadheeswari composed by Dr Suvarna Nalapat . Notated and sung by G Bhuvaneswari

Melakartha Raga Gouri Manohari (Melam 23)

Samaveda series 2

Samaveda series 1

Watch suvarna Nalapat speeches on youtube

Concluding part of lectures on origin of Gandharvaveda from samaveda

How translation of Pavangal by Nalapat revolutionised Kerala socially,culturally and politically

How Indian ancestors learned music from Nature and created samaveda music .

Hindu Article on August 15 2011




The Trust is formed for Educational and Research activities and for integrated approach to healthcare of the nation through the Music Therapy. The fields of educational and research activities extended to :
  • Value based education for nation building, national integration, peaceful coexistence.
  • Integrated healthcare. Through the golden link of music therapy indigenous systems like Ayurveda and yoga are integrated to research protocols of western medicine.
  • Research on all branches of Indology.
  • Comparative astrophysics.
  • Comparative philosophy.
  • Literature and arts.
  • Promotion of agriculture for nutritional requirements and surplus production.
  • Science and spirituality.
  • Indian history, archaeology and archeoastronomy.
  • Promotion of world peace through better understanding of spirituality.
  • For achieving these aims and for preserving and transferring the ideas to the coming generations all the Works & Music compositions of the founder will be made available.


The Faculty Training of Calicut University starts this week.For Class Schedule.Click here

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