Personal Details of the Founder
Dr.Suvarna Nalapat
   Dr.Suvarna Nalapat
Dr.Suvarna Nalapat Trust.

Dr Suvarna Nalapat is the second daughter of K.G.Karunakara Menon, the former deputy Leader of the Kerala State Legislative Assembly in the R. Sankar ministry, and Nalapat Ammini Amma, poet, Chairman of the Project Implementing Committee for Rural Block development and younger sister of renowned Malayalam poet Nalapat Balamani Amma.

Husband Late Dr K.A.Udayabhanu was her classmate and friend during undergraduate medical education. Her only son, Abilash Nalapat, is a doctoral degree holder from Warwick University,UK He is a journalist.

Academic Qualifications: B.Sc(Zoology),M.B.B.S. M.D.(Pathology)

Languages: Can read, write and speak English, Tamil and Malayalam. Can read and write Sanskrit.

Career. Joined Kerala Govt Medical college service as Pathologist in 1972 Took voluntary retirement from service in 1998 Worked as consultant pathologist in Endocrinology Lab and Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Kochi. Worked in Government Medical colleges in Calicut,Alleppey and Trichur as Pathologist and Retired from Amritha institute of Medical sciences and Research center as Professor and Head of department of Pathology in 2004 . Had been consultant Histopathologist in Endocrinology and Immunology Laboratory and also served a short spell in Universal colleges of Medical sciences ,Nepal . She had an Under graduate teaching experience of 32 years and Post graduate teaching experience of 21 years.

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Personal Achievement
  • With grace of God, amidst a very busy professional career and domestic life, without disturbing both, she could do commentaries on both Vedic and Thanthric Prasthanathraya and later on came to know that she is the only woman who have achieved this . Indian philosophy has its Vedic and Thanthric Prasthaanathraya . The Vaidiki Prasthaanathraya are Brahmasuthra , major Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita. All of them were commented upon by Sankaraacharya , an ardent devotee of Srividya . The Srividyaprasthaanathraya are embodied in Upasana of Chakra, Kundalini and Lalithasahasranama. It was Bhaaskararayamakhi in 18th century who commented upon the Thanthric Prasthanathraya.
    This includes:
    1. Bhavana Upanishad with its Bhashya.
    2. Varivasyarahasya with “Prakaasam” Bhashya.
    3. Lalithasahasranama with “Sobhagyabhaskaram” Bhashya.
    She has commented upon all of these.
  • She has completed writing 65 books at the age of 65 and am still working upon several projects for protecting our national heritage, integrity, valuebased education, and integrated personality and enlightened citizenship of all individuals for world peace.
  • Scientific comparative analysis of modern Astrophysics and ancient Astronomical texts and Upanishads is a major achievement which she started and completed early in life.Spirituality and science are viewed in a newer perspective.
  • Music Therapy, though practiced from time immemorial in India is having a setback in modern India . The science of this Art is brought to light and research done in this field by Dr Suvarna is different from other people who are practitioners of Music Therapy .Her approach is scientific, research oriented, and involves principles of Valuebased educational models for Integrated Medicine . The vision behind the approach is a Unified theory of art and science, indigenous and western medicine . Music is Saamaveda, the origin of which is from the sound Om or Pranava. Astrophysics and Music like Sudarsanachakra and Panchajanya of Vishnu within the yogic Sahasrarapadma dispell darkness of ignorance and sorrowful voices of Samsara. In children’s education, personality development , in stressfree environment creation in workplaces and as a day to day lifestyle music has a role in human life. The use of it in Medical field makes tremendous revolutionary changes in the doctor’s , client’s and society’s life . Dr Suvarna has a long term vision of such a revolutionary change in Medical field and educational outlook of society. May be it will happen after her lifetime. But the fact that she has sown the seed of this creative humanitarian revolution is a major achievement.
  • She has created 72 Melakartha Raga music in Malayalam which is a new event in the Music history of Malayalam literature and of Kerala.
  • But above all , she thinks that her major achievement is that she has no hatred towards anyone , and no one so far has hated her . The compassion and love for entire world – both living and nonliving- makes life beautiful. In thoughts, words and deeds total Ahimsa (Nonviolence) is the greatest achievement one can have.
Other contributions to Profession and society
  • In administration, management and education : Introduced a combination of Indian Ethics in management as given in the Bhagavad Gita, in combination with Ziel-oriented Project Planning ( ZOPP) in the Blood Bank of Calicut Medical college Hospital for which whole hearted support was given by all the staff members of the Blood Bank , so that safe Blood Transfusion was introduced there .A project for Regional Blood bank for North Kerala based on Glasgow Model at Calicut.
  • New curriculum of Human values in Healthcare, a programme of communitybased village educational reforms and sadbhavana lectures in Medical sector through Music Therapy as the link between science and art.
  • Telepathology : Pathology at crossroads - An invited lecture at the 42nd Kerala Chapter Meeting of Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists (IAPM) at Trichur , in October 1998 , stressed the need for introducing Telepathology in India. A demonstration of how Pathologists can utilise image transfer for diagnosis was conducted with the help of experts from Wipro group. This was the first of its kind in Kerala and possibly in India. Following the presentation of the scientific paper the IAPM Chapter made a resolution to introduce it in all medical colleges.
  • Analysis of functioning tumours from 1977 to 1994 in Calicut Medical college Pathology department with Grimelius stain for argyrophylia. This was made possible with the help of Mr Mohan , one of my old students , a technician in the department during 1980-1983. The Neuroendocrine cells can be stained with Grimelius , and it is a costeffective method ( the immunohistochemistry being very costly is not affordable for common man in diagnostic set up of general hospitals ) and is as good in giving results as immunohistochemistry . The neuroendocrine system being the mainstay in alleviation of pain and giving bliss to human beings , is the main factor in Music Therapy and its desirable effects also.
  • Introduction and a scientific article/chapter “Creation of Mind “ in “Perspectives on Mind “ ( which integrates medical science, philosophy and psychology) Gnan Publishing House ,New Delhi 2000 – Indian Association of Psychologists .
  • Archaeology , Archeoastronomy and History : Thovary /Edakkal inscriptions and their comparison to Ahmas Papyrus and calculation of Octagon and its values ; Pookkaaattiyur temple inscriptions ; Pattambi Branthachalam inscriptions and their relation to IVC script ; Thirunelli inscriptions ; Phoenician history and Tamil-speaking South Indian history and seafaring , to prove that Phoenicians were south Indians
  Awards Received  
    • Dr. C.P Menon Award for "Vaijnanika Sahithyam" from Cochin University Physics Department for the book Sudha Sindhu.
    • Kerala Sahithya Academi Endowment Award for Vaidhika Sahithya.
    • Khethra Samrakshana Samithi Jyothisasthra Award for book Pancha Sidhanthika.
    • U.T.Thithin Raj Award  for Meritorious contributions and dedicated service in Healthcare.
    • RAGANIDHI Award  for Music Therapy Research.
    • Bharath Excellance Award from Friendship Forum of India (New Delhi) for outstanding services, achievements, contributions to Profession.
    • Citizen Extraordinaire Leadership Award from United Writer's Association, Chennai.
    • Editor's Choice Award for English poetry.(
    • Vedabharathy Puraskaram. Thanur vedavichara Vedi
    • Panditharathnam Puraskaram.
    • Srividya Prathishtanam
    • Janmashtami Award. (22nd) Balagokulam 2018
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