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Without a stumble ( study of the life and work of Dr K.J.Yesudas ) is a book on the spirituality of Music.

First published in 2003 Nalapat Books.
Based on the life and work of Dr K.J.Jesudas, this book is the first of a series of books on music and its effects on human beings which leads to the healing powers of music or Ragachikitsa. The Music Therapy research was conducted on children for understanding the power of music in development of intelligence, memory and personality, in adults in hospital situation – including volunteers and clients. The west know about Mozart effect which was the results Tomatis, a doctor obtained on his clients. Jesudas effect was studied by Dr Suvarna, both on herself, and many of his fans spaning to different ages, generations and languages, nothing to speak of religious beliefs. It extended to her hospital practice for doing a pilot project, and based on this the further research was done on Music Therapy. Thus this has been a lifelong research. Not just a dissertation for obtaining any particular degree. The exclusive interview of Jesudas was taken by Abilash Nalapat, her son and it forms a chapter of the book. The forward is also written by Abilash.