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Thamarapookkal (poems 1957) The first book.

A collection of 12 poems written from 1954-1956. Preface by Punnayurkulam V.Bappu ( Author of Husnul Jamal )

Excerpts from preface : A new worshipper enters into the sacred literary temple. Her family had great Literary priests. There are still. May be the devotion to literature, of this ten year old girl, originated from their heritage. May be the first Lotus flowers she bring for worship may be not that fragrant. Not too beautiful. Her small feet has not yet attained the strength to walk in steadily to the temple. Yet is not her innocent devotion, extraordinary sincerity and unflinching will worthy of praise?

I believe that a bright future awaits and calls Suvarna, making her name meaningful, from the beauty of these Lotus flowers. When the emotions evoked in poet’s heart by beauty of nature is communicated in the same spirit to the readers, a poet ‘s success is proven. If this statement is correct, the hands which created the Lotus flowers will aquire that power shortly. There is no doubt about it.

Punnayurkulam, V.Bappu (16.7.1957).