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Sandranandam ( Krishna Kaavya )

First published in 1998 .Nalapat Books .A collection of 20 poems on life of Krishna.
Prof M.K.Sanu on Sandranandam:- A middle aged woman came into Madhavikutty's house. Peaceful face. Yet an unexplained depth is merged with that facial expression. "Dont you know suvarna ?" MadhaviKutty asked. "Yes, But I am seeing her for the first time ". I replied . .......In the midst of conversations MadhaviKutty said the form for her love imageries were given by Srikrishna imagery. As a continuation of it, Suvarna Nalapat started to talk about Krishna and Radha. Krishna and Radha exist not only in this world but in all worlds, spreading the light of eternal youth and beauty. Other world's? Are there many worlds like that ? To my question, Suvarna Nalapat answered quoting a book called Gargabhagavatha. Some descriptions in that book, she explained in a very interesting way. She explained how they are similar to the modern scientific description of the sosmos. That was adescription relating to the origin of universe in astrophysics. That explanation deeply engraved in my mind. I recognised a very rare personality revealed through that. Next time I saw her, Dr Suvarna presented me a book on Krishna. It is a poetry book called Sandrananda. In the modern era when postmodern trends are making waves in literature, what was the cause for creating such a poem in which form of Krishna is depicted in different forms. The answer Dr Suvarna gave had the selfconfidence of a original writer. One cannot write poetry, looking at the modern / or the present trends. The communication of the experience in our minds is the goal of poetry. Not following any trend. Therefore, one need not worry about modern trends when writing one's poetry. I saw the depth of boldness of her self in those words. One must remember that tehse words came from a person who has very good knowledge about modern trends in poetry. ........ The Sandranandam of Dr Suvarna Nalapat does not belong to the modern poetry class. It is based on the eternal energy which is behind even that modernity and postmodernity. In the modern age people have become ignorant of the experience of spirituality. It is from that experience this poetry has originated. The name sandrananda itself shows that. Look at the preface she has written to the Kavya....