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Puzhayude katha (novel) M M Publications

First published in 1980
Puzhayude katha is a Novellette. Publishers M.M.C.Books Kottayam.
T.K.G.Nair on Puzhayude Katha :Suvarna Nalapat believes that Love is an energy which gives heat, light and strength. Whether in a village or in a Medical college where new generations are created for achievement of scientific knowledge, or in this wide world, the sacred medicine for all pains is Love. There are small but sweet dreams and disappointments in the primary school and colleges. They have their own sweetness and sour taste. Society and its hatred and separatisms has capacity to spread darkness in even the innocent young hearts. But the Amrithajyothi ( Eternal light ) of Love still makes the lives beautiful and bright. Here is a Love story, simple, yet taken with a goal, with a vision, and with subtle power of art, from the common life situations. It is attractive like a flowing river. When we search for our shadows in the people of this story, readers get the experience of a self purification.