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Oru kaalaghattathinte ormakku (Study of Nalapat Narayanamenon's life and work)

First published in 1995. Nalapat Books.
The book has 2 parts .The first part is a collection of articles on Nalapat Narayana menon by illustrious people, including Sukumar Azheekode and EMS namboothiripad , compiled by Dr Suvarna Nalapat .The second part is a study of Nalapat Narayanamenon, the time of his life, the literary trends in India and abroad at his lifetime, and how he was the torchbearer of the revolutionary literary and social movements in Kerala at that time. The social revolutions of V.T.Bhattathiripad, beginning of Political life of E M S , literary life of many a critic including the great KuttikrishnaMarar , were influenced by Nalapat as said by these authors themselves. Balamani Amma has her Guru in Nalapat . Suvarna Nalapat has Nalapat NarayanaMenon as her Guru , in philosophy, poetry, scientific comparison of modern science and ancient spirituality etc. The study is an indepth study of Nalapat done by Suvarna Nalapat , utilizing the books in his library and about 19 diaries he had left back . This is the first ever complete study dealing with the time and work of Nalapat with comparative Literary trends in India and Kerala, and abroad which makes it a valuable guide for any literary student.