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Naadalayasindhu (Ragachikitsa) D C Books.

A book on Music Therapy first published in 2008. The book is divided into 4 parts. First part deals with vedic and upanishadic traditions of music, Gandharva and Melakartha raga system, the seasonal Raga and the time wheel, geodesic of music, and Musical life panorama. Second part deals with Desi music from Mathanga, the biomedical ethics internationally accepted for music therapy, the new modern thought processes regarding word and its meaning in music therapy, ayurveda concepts, and transcendental aspects of music therapy, leading to need for valuebased education in medical field, and pilot project for recommending music therapy as a tool for healing. Part 3 deals with several possible music therapy projects to be done in allopathy medicine and in ayurveda and education of children. Part 4 deals with the Srichakra, relation of manthrasasthra to Musical raga devathadhyana, its relation to drekkana of astronomy, the dhyana forms in Ashtapadi of Jayadeva and the introduction to prasthanathraya of Srividya.

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