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Mudra (study of O N V's Ujjaini)

First published in 1997 .Nalapat Books.
This book is an appreciation of O.N.V Kurup's Ujjaini.Suvarna Nalapat discusses the Saraswatha principle and how a word reveals itself to a poet – in dreamlike visions. The prathibha of a poet is compared to prathibha of God in creation by ancient scholars of India. The ability to visualise word is a vasana carried over from past lives ( Kavyadarsa) and is a culture from past life ( Vaamana) and this past life memories accompany creative persons according to her reading .They do accompany all , but only the creative people recognise it and make use of it.About the work O.N.V wrote : There had been several letters and writings on Ujjaini. But such a comprehensive appreciation is for the first time... Now I understand the real deep meaning of the words of Kalidasa : aapaarithoshaadvidushaam na saadhumanye prayogavignaanam. Once again I thank you for making me experience the satisfaction that my effort was made worthwhile.