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Maduralayam (devotional poems)

First published in 2001.
A collection of 40 and odd musical poems on Krishna, devi and other subjects. Preface by Prof Leelavathy. Words of Leelavathi : - Thousand years in a society's life is like fifty years in an individual's life. In this swararagasudha of Suvarna, one can see some sacred words flown from her mouth 50 years back. That much is the age for the Andal,Meera and Sages who sing and dance within the mind of the poet. The lyre that moves searching for the God in every grassblade for time immemorial ( swayamvarageetham) is the inner self of thousands of people. That I can be named Meera, Radha, Aandal, Naachiyar or Suvarna. All are equally suitable. The musical streams that come from this lyre is not acquired by effort, but is effortlessly natural called Sidham. Therefore the name Devadatha ( given by God ) befits. The arsha thought of Jagadgunja sahasraani, and the concept of modern science of the cosmos are equally merged in a consciousness in which the absolute devotional consciousness of Andal and Meera too merge. The energy of union of these two consciousnesses is present in suvarna's poems. How effortlessly Suvarna makes this immeasurable cosmos the playground of a child and like a amlaki fruit in one's own hand? The Layamadhurya of this new Naachiyaar is that, from the small sorrows of this life, to the eternal vast unknown corners of cosmos, like an angel she is able to fly with imagination and devotion as her wings ..