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Comparative study of 4 major religions Written in 1977. Science and spirituality are 2 great rivers which enriches human life in different fields. Many modern scientific theories prove the oneness upheld by spirituality. That philosophy which cannot stand the test of time and science will be shortlived. Science does not create anything, but just brings out those which were hidden, according to Swami Vivekananda. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medical science and the spiritual texts of India, and of Israel ( Bible) and Arabia (Koran), and the perennial philosophy of Huxley, Secret Doctrine of Blavatsky, writings of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, and Message of Upanishads by Swami Ranganathaananda, Arshagnana of Nalapat ( which is the first ever attempt in Malayalam literature to link Spirituality with science ), Esoteric writings of SubbaRao, Laghuyogavasishta, Das Capital and Introduction to social psychology and many other books were refered and a new Educational vision for future India was formulated. The comparative study of science, spirituality and integration of arts and sciences with philosophical vision for revolutionising Educational field of teh nation is the idea behind this book. Knowledge dwells in the heads replete with thoughts of other men, wisdom in minds attentive to their own. The goal should be to get that wisdom . .......To have a ideal nation we need people who can analyse themselves and for this wisdom, the ideal of Love should be the subject of study in our educational Institutions. Each child , instead of growing up mugging up subjects for becoming a tool for moneymaking, should grow into an enlightened citizenship. Every poor child, irrespective of caste, creed, gender should get equal chance for education ....In the hands of enlightened citizens who scientifically analyse themselves and their own weaknesses and correct them, who love entire nature and humanity as themselves, and protect life and natural resources for all, and who has willpower and confidence and boldness to build up a strong nation without corruption religions and politics will not become tools for separating human minds. This is our ultimate goal and in that journey let us find success peacefully and co-operating with every one. Rgveda says : Let our goal be one; Let our hearts be united; Let our minds be one; and thus let everyone lead a pleasant peaceful life ".

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